Copic Sketch Markers, Tips on Each end, awesome colors. Great for shading, coloring and blending.
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 Color Swatch Book  6.50
C00 Cool Gray
C2 Cool Gray
C5 Cool Gray
C8 Cool Gray
N 0 Neutral Gray
N3 Neutral Gray
N6 Neutral Gray
N9 Neutral Gray
B00 Frost Blue
B04 Tahitian Blue
B12 Ice Blue
B18 Lapis Lazuli Blue
B24 Sky Blue
B26 Cobalt Blue
B32 Pale Blue
B39 Prussian Blue
B63 Light Hydrangea
B91 Pale Grayish Blue
B97 Night Blue
BV000 Iridescent Mauve
BV02 Prune
0 Colorless Blender
C0 Cool Gray
C3 Cool Gray
C6 Cool Gray
C9 Cool Gray
N1 Neutral Gray
N4 Neutral Gray
N7 Neutral Gray
N10 Neutral Gray
B01 Mint Blue
B05 Process Blue
B14 Light Blue
B21 Baby Blue
B28 Royal Blue
B34 Manganese BLue
B41 Powder Blue
B52 Soft Greenish Blue
B66 Clematis
B93 Light Crockery Blue
B99 Agate
BV00 Mauve Shadow
BV04 Blue Berry
100 Black
C1 Cool Gray
C4 Cool Gray
C7 Cool Gray
C10 Cool Gray
N2 Neutral Gray
N5 Neutral Gray
N8 Neutral Gray
B0000 Pale Celestine
B02 Robins Egg Blue
B06 Peacock Blue
B16 Cyanine Blue
B23 Phthalo Blue
B29 Ultramarine
B37 Antwerp Blue
B45 Smokey Bkue
B60 Pale Blue Gray
B79 Iris
BV95 Light Grayish Cobalt
BV0000 Pale Thistle
BV01 Viola
BV08 Blue Violet